Did Fowler Really Apologize? Did The Devil Make Him Do It?

As we mentioned Saturday, former Democrat National Committee Chairman Don Fowler, who headed the DNC from 1995-96, was caught on video laughing at the prospect of Hurricane Gustav slamming into New Orleans because it would, in his opinion, distract from the Republican National Convention. He said it meant God was with the Democrats.  Not to be outdone, leftist propagandist Michael Moore said much the same thing, saying that Gustav's arrival at the time of the RNC was "proof there is a God."

Fowler and Moore have reluctantly apologized. Moore basically sloughed it off, saying, "I mean I certainly hope nobody gets hurt. I hope everybody's taking cover." Real heartfelt, you can tell.

Fowler was combative. He said he was sending up controversial remarks after 9/11 by the late Rev. Jerry Falwell. However, in the video, he did not mention Rev. Falwell. Then, Fowler blames what he said on the fact that there was a conservative blogger sitting behind him (the person who taped Fowler's insensitive comments), calling him a "right-wing nutcase."

Say what you want about omnipresent videographers, but they don't cause people to say stupid things. Furthermore, we don't recall Fowler complaining about videos liberals have stealthily taken of conservatives. In fact, Fowler's "apology" is nothing more than typical liberal victimization politics. He didn't do it, you see, he was forced into it. Someone made him claim God was punishing Republicans. That evil "right-wing nutcase" who probably only wanted to get into his plane seat and relax until he heard vile from Fowler's mouth. Should he not have gotten this baloney on the record? So Fowler wants to trivialize God, ridicule New Orleans and the GOP, and blame others for his words, including a dead man. Classy.

It all reminds us of the late comic Flip Wilson, one of whose classic lines was, "The devil made me do it!" It's a perfect fit since Fowler, who claims he's religious, demonizes someone simply for making known what he said. Real Christian of you, Don. Although we said the libs were getting religion, it certainly isn't one we recognize.