Falwell Addresses Values Summit

Jonathan Falwell was one of the many speakers to address more than 2,000 guests at The Family Research Council Action's Values Voters Summit. Falwell, the son of the late Jerry Falwell, is definitely not going to back away from engaging in the cultural debate, including the political arena. He challenged the crowd to "not go back in the caves;" that those who paved the way for our movment, like his dad, need the banner to continue to be carried forward. Falwell challenged the crowd to stay in the fight regardless of the popularity of the principles we believe in. Falwell is definitely part of a new generation of church leaders who are going to look beyond just abortion and marriage. While they will continue to be the core values we fight for, Falwell more than once stated that we must address other issues such as poverty and health care, making it clear that faith based organizations can do a much better job than the government at solving these issues. Those who expect a "mini-me" Jerry Falwell will be disappointed. Jonathan is not about trying to be his dad — and its refreshing. He's definitely comfortable with who he is. It will be interesting to see how he expands his role in the cultural debate over time.

Recently, Falwell hosted a luncheon for The Family Foundation's Pastors For Family Values at his church in Lynchburg. Falwell will also address "Watchmen on the Wall," a pastor's conference hosted by The Family Research Council and TFF on September 23.