Alan Colmes: Exemplar Of Leftist Idiocy

I don't watch shoutfests such as the Fox News Channel's Hannity & Colmes much for several reasons. The shouting is one. The repetitious guests and their talking points and transient subjects are yet more. (Shouldn't that show be called "Hannity, Colmes & Morris"?) But channel surfing just now as I wind down for the night was Exhibit A for the primary reason I can't stomach those type of shows. Liberal co-host Alan Colmes told Dick Morris that the Bush tax cuts redistributed the wealth "because it gave money to the rich."

Brilliant. People keeping their own wages (see YouTube video) now is "the government giving people money" — the latest purposeful redefinition for politically demagogic purposes (hear Senator Obama's ideas on courts redistributing wealth). Never mind that Morris previously explained the tax cuts increased the percentage of federal taxes the wealthy paid from 33 percent to 40 percent between 2003-2007. Liberal, spread-the-wealth idiocy — uhhh, logic — indeed.