BREAKING NEWS: Exclusive Blog Interview Starts Monday With U.S. Senator Sam Brownback

We just confirmed today that starting Monday, and continuing Tuesday, we will post an exclusive Virginia blog interview with United States Senator, and former presidential candidate, Sam Brownback (R-KS), one of this nation's most prominent pro-life, pro-family officeholders.

We are extremely excited to have secured this exclusive blog interview. It was arranged and conducted over the last couple of days and we are extremely grateful to all who helped us pull it off. It will be an informative look at the presidential campaign as it relates to values voters, as well as other topics, with one of the most principled pro-traditional values officeholders in American today.

We're very happy that, as we approach the this blog's one-year anniversary in two weeks, we could provide you with such a scoop. As always, please accept our warmest thanks for making us one of the most read and most influential blogs in Virginia.