Debate Preview: More Questions That Won't Get Asked

We have a few questions we'd like to see asked at tonight's presidential debate. We don't think they will get asked, but who knows? Maybe they will. One question we posed was asked at last Friday's Virginia U.S. Senate debate between Republican Jim Gilmore and Democrat Mark Warner. So here goes our suggestions:

1. Senator Obama, the United States has the second highest corporate tax rate of the 40 most industrialized countries in the world, which has led to the export of American jobs. Even communist China has a lower corporate tax than the U.S. And you still want to increase those taxes and kill jobs?

2. Are you or are you not in favor of clean coal for our energy needs in Virginia? (See contradictory remarks here.)

3.  What do you regret more, that you said people in small towns are "bitter" and "cling to their guns and religion" or that you said it in San Francisco when you thought no one would notice? (See short YouTube video.)

3a. Why do you think it was so funny? (See even shorter YouTube video.)

4. What's the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran's Day and do you still see ghosts?

5. How many states did you say there are? (See short YouTube video.)