"Godless Pit"

Your tax dollars are at work again…this time funding what some had referred to as a “$600 million godless pit” in Washington, DC.  The nearly half billion dollar over budget Capital Visitor Center has been the national version of “the big dig.”  But out of control spending isn’t new to Washington DC (Google “Bailout”).  Unfortunately, the political correctness and anti-Christian bigotry that dominates bureaucratic Washington has been unleashed on the visitor center, leading to the removal of any references to God.

Rewriting founding documents, erasing references to God, and blatently misrepresenting history are but a few of the problems that have been discoverd.  Our own Virginia Congressman Randy Forbes has taken the lead in trying to restore the references to our true history by working with the folks desigining the center

In the meantime, Wallbuilders has this great video that shows some of the attacks on our history:

Of course, our friends with groups like "Americans United for Separation of Church and State" are doing all they can to banish God from any public mention.   As the battles over the past continues, the future looks more and more bleak.  Most Americans have no clue what our real history is, so few will notice the lack of truth at the visitor center. 

At what point do Christians in this nation finally say enough is enough and start to stand up?