More On Tonight's Debate

Here's another question we'd love to hear asked in tonight's vice presidential debate by the "unbiased" moderator, Gwen Ifill of PBS:

"Senator Biden, when was your liberal icon, Franklin Roosevelt elected president and exactly what television network carried his speech?"  

If that seems out in left field to you, you must see this YouTube video (click here): Senator Biden tells Katie Couric that FDR was president in 1929 (he was elected in 1932) and that he went on television to speak to the nation about the Great Depression (just a few decades off).

A second question might be:

"What did you think of President Truman's Web page?"

Yet, who is the Mainstream Media trying to belittle in this campaign? Senator Biden has made numerous misstatements, yet for some reason he's seen as a plus to his ticket, according to the MSM.

In the video, Senator Biden says, "A leader must demonstrate that he or she knows what they're talking about." We couldn't have said it better, senator.