Russ Potts Sighting!

For those of you who have missed the vulnerable former state senator and candidate for governor Russ Potts, current candidate for the U.S. Senate Mark Warner enticed him to crawl out from under his rock yesterday for an endorsement. Potts, known by conservative Virginians for his blatant hostility to anything pro-life or pro-family as the past chairman of the Senate Education and Health Committee, was more than happy to take "Potts shots" at former Governor Jim Gilmore, Warner's opponent. Since his failed candidacy for governor in 2005, Potts has yet to see a Republican he likes.

One would assume that Warner already had the massive Potts vote locked up, all 2 percent of it, in his run for the U.S. Senate, but I guess he wanted another "radical centrist" to add to his list of endorsements. Of course, anyone familiar with Potts (or Warner for that matter) knows there is nothing "centrist" about him. He's just a frustrated and bitter former state senator who was pummeled in his statewide run and saw the writing on the wall in his own district, forcing him to resign. 

Here's hoping that life is better for Russ under that rock and that from here on out he stays under it.