VP Debate Preview: All You Need To Know About Today's "Journalists"

Suppose a "journalist" wrote a book featuring a candidate she was covering. How objective do you think her coverage would be? Not very. At least you could avoid reading or watching her reports. But what if she was chosen to moderate a debate — in this case, the vice presidential debate — where she already has shown open scorn for one of the candidates? Not very fair — and it wouldn't, couldn't happen in America, despite how openly biased the Mainstream Media is. That's just one step too far. Oh yeah? Thing on this: Gwen Ifill of PBS never disclosed to the Commission on Presidential Debates that she was writing a book about a new generation of black politicians, featuring Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama (and highlighting only Democrat pols), when they selected her to moderate tomorrow night's vice presidential debate between Senator Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin. The news broke today only because of people like syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin (read here).

Another good commentary on "moderator-gate" comes from digitaljournal.com, although it posted Ifill's video plug of the book. (I viewed it for you. Nothing important, so skip it).  Bob Unruh of WorldNetDaily wrote a great report as well (click here). 

Ifill, of course, should recuse herself. Her book, which hits the bookstores on inauguration day, can only benefit from an Obama victory. Liberal columnists are countering that now Ifill will have to be fair because everyone is on to her. Right. So why wasn't this exposed before so we could all get excited about how fair she is? Then explain how she was hoping to get away with it and why liberals aren't raising basic ethical complaints.

No, none of that matters apparently. Forget all the pre-debate hype. That the moderator will have a massive conflict of interest, if not outright bias, and that no one is doing anything about it, is all you need to know before tomorrow night's big show.