More Inspiration From Phill Kline

Time is running out . . . The Family Foundation of Virginia's Annual Gala is November 20 in Richmond. (Click here for more info.) Our Keynote Speaker is former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline. (See video here) He may be the bravest man in political life in America for the personal attacks he has endured for acting on and speaking the truth, especially for taking on Planned Parenthood (see NewsBusters' Kristen Fyfe on how the Obama administration already is teaming up with the abortionists). Below is a clip from another inspirational speech he's given. This is just a small preview of what you are in for by attending this year's Gala. He hope you will attend. If you know people who are thinking of attending or people you think should attend, forward them this link and the other links on Mr. Kline (see video here) so they can get an idea of the uplifting event that will be our Annual Gala. For more information about The Family Foundation of Virginia's Annual Gala, please call us at 804.343.0010 or e-mail