Virginia's Own Jim Moran . . . "In The Long Run" We're Going To Take Everything You Own

Virginia's very own U.S. Representative Jim Moran (D-8, Alexandria) has some very chilling observations about how to solve what he thinks is the selfishness of Americans who desire to keep what they earn. (See The Weekly Standard here for Moran exploding at constituents.) (Never mind that Americans are the most generous people on earth, both for domestic and international relief causes.) We just became aware of this tape, so we don't know how old it is — if it's a post-election warning or a wistful longing from long ago. Either way, it's very scary and very real now that like minded socialists will run the Congress and White House. But, hey, Virginia, we tried to tell you. We placed their own words here as did other blogs and media. We do give the redistributionists credit — they never tried to hide their intentions. Whether it was anxiety over the economic crisis or disapproval over the bailout solution, or both, voters apparently swallowed the "spread the wealth around" philosophy. So without further adieu, hear what's in store for you. (Oh, by the way, Moran's brother, Delegate Brian Moran, is a candidate for governor next year.)