What Cometh In The Age of Obama?

How about a new national security force and more mind-numbing, societal homogenizing that is beyond your capacity to imagine? If you haven't read this post yet, look it over and read the accompanying article. Here are two more articles to read. One, here, is by Michelle Malkin about how a homosexual activist successfully hounded through the courts the Christian online matchmaker eHarhomony.com into offering homosexual dating services, despite the fact that it is a private business and has every right to pursue its own business model. Forget freedom of association, I guess. Who's going to make the homosexual dating sites alter their businesses? But it's even worse. Read Malkin's column then ponder if this is the tip of the iceburg.

The other article, here, is by William Warren of GetLiberty.org about a woman who told an Obama volunteer she was not voting for himand then promptly felt the wrath of Obama's security team who found her out and visited her home. True story. Remember, he openly campaigned for the establishment of a national security force.

The future is . . . very scary. But please, enjoy your turkey and football this weekend.