You Can Hear Me Now

For those dying to hear your anonymous admin on the airwaves, here I am: The interview was conducted today at 9:00 a.m. and is archived here, at Tertium Quids Radio ("Charting a Principle Course"). It runs about 30 minutes and host Norm Leahy did a great job keeping me focused (I have a terrible habit of going off topic) and in facilitating a great conversation. From Norm's headline, you get a spot on idea of the thrust of the interview. We covered a number of topics — education choice, life, marriage, property rights, limited government, campaign strategies and tactics, and more — under the general topic of the challenges  conservatives face and what do the national and Virginia Republican parties do in light of admonitions that they have gone too far to the right, despite the fact that social issues were rarely raised in the recently completed campaign, and that the Republican standard bearer was a moderate. 

In an attempt to sound like I knew what I was talking about, I fully prepared myself. The 30 minutes seemed as if it was 30 seconds. There wasn't enough time to cover all the topics I briefed myself on. One thing I omitted was that Senator John McCain lost the plot when he suspended his campaign to go to Washington to work on the financial crisis. He wasn't part of the solution, acted as if he was panicked and couldn't handle multiple issues at one time, and — to compound matters — allowed himself to be the easel for then-Senator Obama to paint him as W II when Senator McCain did nothing but vote for the Bush plan instead of standing up with those conservatives opposed to the bailout. Then-Senator Obama voted for it as well, but Senator McCain blew his chance to prove that he was the anti-Bush, rally skeptical conservatives (who ended up staying home) and flip the dynamics of the campaign. That allowed Senator Obama own the "change" issue.

But there I go again, off topic. Take a listen to TQ Radio and let us know what you think.