Video: Jindal Endorses McDonnell For Governor

Below is a short clip courtesy of the McDonnell campaign/YouTube from today's news conference at Richmond's historic Jefferson Hotel, where Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal endorsed Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell in his campaign for Virginia governor. (It was fun to hear them call each other "Bob" and "Bobby" repeatedly in close succession. They tried early on to stay business like — "Governor" and "Attorney General" — but their friendship is genuine.) Fellow Republican Jindal also was the draw for a McDonnell fundraiser later in the day. We were at the news conference and took extensive notes but might not elaborate on the news conference today. We've had a lot of events around here lately and we will get to as much of them as possible. After all, it is a busy time of year for work and otherwise.

One interesting statistic noted by the AG: Despite the big Democrat wins for the presidency and in the House and Senate, no incumbent Republican governor or attorney general lost in 2008. Just goes to show that if you govern soundly and live up to your campaign promises and principles, people tend to re-elect you.

By the way, in a Google search, the first post about Governor Jindal declaring against a 2012 presidential run was posted an hour ago by The Politico (click here). So that makes us the first to break the story (see here) — and we didn't even post it as fast as we could of! Congrats to us! (Also, check out the Virginian-Pilot article, here).

In the meantime, here's Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal endorsing Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell to be the next governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.