Virginia News Stand: December 30, 2008

Not much for sale today at the News Stand as our communications department decided he was going to coast to the end of 2008. I have found some editorial comics, however. (Highly recommended are "Pay Raise," "Obama in a huff," "2008 Returns" and "Merry Christmas," the last for something less cynical.) Hope you enjoy. We will be off for a bit over the next few days, but please check in — perhaps on Friday we'll have something. Regardless, we'll be back Monday, vigorous as ever, as the General Assembly will be a major focus point from here through March. It begins in 15 days! Yipes! So you will want to visit here often, as no blog covers the General Assembly better than we do, with our physical proximity to capitol square, five lobbyists and dozens of volunteers patrolling the General Assembly Building, and our very reliable contacts, we will post all the information the Mainstream Media either won't report or simply does not have access to, or that other blogs do not have the time or resources to cover; and we'll archive it nice and neatly in our Capitol Square Diary for your convenience.

So, despite the scarce selections on today's News Stand, be ready for a healthy dose of original reporting about our lawmakers starting next week.

Also, look forward to a bunch of interviews, online debates, new features (such as Twitter and possibly a new look), and a virtual lobby day, all to be announced later. Stay tuned. And Happy New Year.


State groups on opposite sides of 'Conscience rule' (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)

Kaine eyes green-friendly Virginia (Washington Times

Editorial Comics:

"Capitol South" (William Warren,

"Obama in a huff" (Eric Allie,

"Buried by the times" (John Cole,

"Good Riddance" (John Darkow,

"2008 Returns" (Gary Varvel, Indianapolis Star)

"Pay Raise" (Gary Varvel, Indianapolis Star)

"New Year's Change" (Daryl Cagle,

To go out on a high note:

"Merry Christmas" (Gary Varvel, Indianapolis Star)