BREAKING NEWS: Don't Drink The Water In The GAB/Gov's Green Initiative Failing!

I was on the third floor of the GAB within the last hour or so, waiting to see a certain senator. Talking with his administrative assistant, she unleashed some startling news, information which one normally gets in advance of trips abroad, not at the capitol complex of the Western Hemisphere's oldest democratic institution, news which I think we may be the first to break: Some one can by and told the senate staffs not to drink the water in the General Assembly Building. When I asked why, she replied he did not say. We then discussed whether this was something new or something old that only now was getting released to the public. Either way, it's unsettling. On the other hand, maybe it explains a lot about certain legislators.

Still more: As I waited patiently, I started to feel sweat dripping down my neck. Oh, no! I thought, that sinus infection coudn't have returned, could it?! I fanned myself with my legal pad to stay cool. I was hot and not too comfortable.

Looking over, the AA noticed me and asked if I was "warm or just trying to think." I told her I felt very warm and asked if it was just me. After a disarming laugh, she assured me it was very warm for all of them on the floor and they couldn't figure out why. I noted that this was just the third floor, that it had to be steaming on the upper floors, to which the row of AAs now involved in the conversation all agreed.

So much for Governor Kaine's green initiative of making public buildings more energy efficient.