Fetal Death On Roe Vs. Wade Anniversary

It's fitting that on the annivesary of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision that pro-abortion extremists in Virginia are on the rampage — and once again misinforming Virginians. Earlier this year a 19-year-old student at Bridgewater College gave birth to what she alleged was a still born baby.  She allegedly disposed of the child in the trash can and it was taken to the local landfill.  The body was never recovered.  Somehow authorities became aware and investigated but because they couldn't find the child's remains they could not prove whether the child was born alive or dead.  She pled to "unlawful disposal of a body" and is on one year probation.  The local prosecutor feared that if the case had gone to court they would not have been able to prosecute because Virginia's law is ambiguious on the issue of throwing away a newborn child's body.

At the request of his local Commonwealth's Attorney, Senator Mark Obenshain from Harrisonburg has a bill that, "Requires that when a fetal death occurs without medical attendance upon the mother at or after the delivery or abortion, the mother or someone acting on her behalf, within 24 hours, report the fetal death, location of the remains..."  This bill is in direct response to that incident in his district.

Now, the extreme abortion lobby in Virginia is at work misrepresenting the case.  With the help of left-wing blogs like Not Larry Sabato, they are making the claim that Senator Obenshain wants women who suffer from a miscarrage to report it to the police.  That ridiculous claim is not based on fact or intent and, in fact, had someone from Not Larry Sabato actually been in a Senate sub-committee yesterday when the bill came up for debate, they would have known the entire story (perhaps they were are are just ignoring the facts).  But as it is with many blogs, facts apprear to be irrelevant.  As long as you can get yourself attention you can make it up as you go.  Political and partisan agenda's outweigh the truth every day on that kind of blog.

We applaud Senator Obenshain for simply trying to find a way to make sure that newborn children cannot simply be disposed of in the landfill, whether born alive or not.  Human life deserves more dignity than that.  It is too bad that groups like NARAL and Planned Parenthood chose to attack Senator Obenshain first instead of finding the truth.  But then again, why should we expect better from the most extreme pro-abortion groups in the nation?

On a day when some celebrate the destruction of human life, it seems fitting that some in Virginia seem to be okay with throwing newborn children in the trash.  We are not.