That Makes Sense

Listening to the State of the Commonwealth speech last night driving home, I heard something that simply stunned me. Of course, it shouldn't have. Anything coming from NPR or one of its affiliates shouldn't surprise anyone. In this case, the gentleman anchoring the coverage on Richmond NPR station WCVE-FM, filling time between the end of Governor Tim Kaine's speech and the the Republican response (see Lynchburg News & Advance, here) by Delegate Dave Albo (R-42, Fairfax) and Senator Steve Newman (R-23, Forest), mentioned the governor's new position as chairman of the Democrat National Committee.  Then he said:

"It remains to be seen whether the Republicans take advantage of this for their partisan advantage."

This what the Mainstream Media does: It defines who's right and just, and who plays negative, regardless of the facts, then puts it all out there as if irrefutable and from on high. In short, it creates stereotypes.

So, in the view of Mr. NPR Local Anchor: He basically dares those mean General Assembly Republicans, who are laying in wait, to pounce on the poor, defenseless governor, who just happened to take one of the most partisan and powerful jobs in the world with access to the DNC's hundreds of millions of dollars and its D.C. command center — and pound away at him with its vast and endless arsenal from 9th and Broad in Richmond — for nothing but political gain.

Right. That makes sense.

We now return you to NPR's sleep inducing classical music.