The Planets Align


Yesterday, in a historic moment, The Family Foundation and Planned Parenthood stood together and supported the same bill!  We knew no one would believe it so we captured it on video. 


This year Delegate Jennifer McClellan (D-71, Richmond) introduced HB 1980 that singled out localities that had abstinence programs and required that they notify the parents that their child would be in an abstinence only program that did not comply with the state guidelines.  In its original form, we opposed it.  Abstinence programs are in full compliance with our standards of learning in the Family Life Education and they are effective.  Yesterday afternoon, Delegate McClellen approached us to suggest she amend the bill to no longer single out abstinence education and simply require that all parents be notified that the FLE curricula content is available to them for their review in the library prior to their decision as to whether or not their child should enroll in the program or be opted out.

The moment we joined Planned Parenthood to agree on anything sent shockwaves through the subcommittee.  Some wondered if earth had tilted off its axis!  Some still don't believe it, so to prove it really happened, here it is:

Will the world ever be the same again?