Choose Life Plates Bill Passes Senate, On Way To Governor!

The Senate earlier today passed, by a vote of 35-3, the amended House version of SB 817, the omnibus licence plate bill that includes the Choose Life plate amendment! Now the bill, with a veto-proof majority goes to Governor Tim Kaine for his signature (contact here). The question now is, will the governor veto it anyway, and try to convince enough members in one chamber to sustain it or, the more likely, amend the bill without the Choose Life plate provision and see if he can get both chambers to go along? Friendly persuasion never hurts. But right now, it's time to relish a great victory through a lot of hard work by a lot of people — and some smart legislating by certain lawmakers (see video here).

That said, it is telling how much effort it takes to get such a simple bill passed. No wonder more Pro-Life laws of substance don't get passed, much less signed.