"Clinics Like This"

"I know there are clinics out there like this.  And I hope we can keep (women) from going to these types of clinics."  Those are the words of a Florida NOW chapter leader responding to reports that a new born, living human baby was simply thrown in the trash by an abortion "clinic" owner after a botched abortion.  Florida officials are investigating to see if charges can be filed.  The only way officials knew that this incident happened was after an anonymous tip.

The inhumanity of someone simply throwing a living human being into the trash is obviously difficult to comprehend, yet somehow not shocking to those of us in the battle for life.  We see the disregard for the humanity of unborn children every day.  

You might ask if something like this could ever happen in Virginia.  The answer is absolutely yes, and we'll likely never know if it does.

Today, the Senate Education and Health Committee once again killed legislation that would improve the health and safety requirements for abortion centers - including regular inspections.  Virginia does not require any meaningful standards for these facilities, nor does it require any reporting of complications from botched abortions.  Clearly, "clinics like this" are likely to exist in Virginia, and the majority of the Senate Ed and Health committee is absolutely content with that.

Abortion advocates know that "clinics like this" exist and yet they fight every effort to regulate them.  They fight with all their passion to keep "clinics like this" open for business.

Once again today, the Senate Education and Health committee disregarded the humanity of unborn children.  But what else can we expect from a culture that has such disregard for humanity.