Dangers Of Marriage

Throughout the entire campaign season of the 2006 Marriage Amendment, I would debate representatives of Equality Virginia, other homosexual rights groups and legislators.  Inevitably, they would argue something to the effect that we should stop picking on gay marriage and go work on reducing the terrible heterosexual divorce rate. I would agree and tell them that as soon as we lock up the definition in our constitution, I could put a lot more time into reducing divorce.  So, when we got the amendment, we set to work on the divorce rate and created the  Marriage Commission.  One of their recommendations is simple: starting teaching children the benfits of marriage in Family Life Education.  Today, that bill was presented by Del. Pogge (R-96, Yorktown) to the House Education Committee.  Apparently, Del. Morrisey (D-74, Highland Springs) didn't get the word that we were doing exactly what his allies in the homosexual rights community wanted, working on reducing the heterosexual divorce rate:

 Interestingly, after debate, Del. Morrisey voted in favor of the bill!