Quote Of The Day

From one of our favorite senators, Janet Howell (D-32, Reston), who previously graced the QOD when she admitted she didn't have to read a bill to vote on it, comes this gem today, while chairing the Privileges and Elections Committee: When presenting a bill, Delegate Mark Cole (R-88, Spottsylvania) admitted it had a fiscal impact of around $75,000. But, he said, "it's already in the House budget."

Senator Howell, in the leadership of the Senate's  majority party and member of the Finance Committee, asked:

"Is it in the Senate budget?"

Umm, senator, the Senate famously and deliberately refused to pass a budget by its deadline last week (see Washington Examiner, here). Let's see. Senator Howell doesn't read the bills upon which she votes and doesn't pay attention in Finance Committee. Yes, we're in good hands.