Quotes Of The Day

It all happened late this afternoon, in rapid fire succession, all starting with a blatant mis-speak by Delegate Ben Cline (R-24, Rockbridge) when bringing his spending transparency bill (HB 2285) to the floor. Explaining the Senate's floor amendment to the bill and why it should be "severed" (which elicited some sarcastic "oooohs"):

"I talked to the patron and he's okay with it."

Speaker Bill Howell (R-28, Stafford), to what may have been the loudest laughter in session this year:

"You are the patron!"

After Majority Leader Morgan Griffith (R-8 Salem) parodied Cline to more laugher, Delegate Todd Gilbert (R-15, Woodstock) stepped up for a bill of his own:

"Mr. Speaker, I have a question of the patron. Would the patron yield?"

The House laughed louder than the original faux paux. Then Delegate Gilbert added, "I can go on. This is easy."

It's been a long "short session" and they've been on the floor for hours at a time. It's definitely time to bring down this curtain and let them go home!