Second Quote Of The Day

Things went from conversational to slightly antagonistic to outright hostile in the House Appropriations Committee late this afternoon when Secretary of Transportation Pierce Homer was called up by committee Democrats to testify on Delegate Glen Oder's bill to take a percentage of future profits from the Port of Virginia and apply them to transportation instead of the general fund (HB 1579). Committee Republicans, who had been patient with the Democrats questioning of Delegate Oder (R-94, Newport News), took exception to what they believe was the repeated mischaracterization of the bill by Secretary Homer when he had his turn. Finally, Delegate Kirk Cox (R-66, Colonial Heights), asked Homer where the administration's transportation bill was. Homer said it had submitted five bills over the last three sessions and two special sessions.

Delegate Cox, after the secretary could not say the administration had a bill this session, let loose with this:

"So, you've had time to analyze this bill but not write one of your own! Thank you for your no bill answer."