Welcome To Virtual Lobby Day!

Today is our virtual lobby day, using the power of the Internet to inform and influence state lawmakers. It also is Planned Parenthood lobby day at the General Assembly.  To ensure that legislators are hearing from both sides of the abortion issue, we urge to participate. It's simple. If you didn't see our action alert earlier inthe week, here's all you need to do: Any time today, but the earlier the better, please send an email to your delegate and senator and urge them to vote for and support legislation that protects human life.

Please encourage them to:

  • Support amendments to the budget that will eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood. This is a high priority once again this year for The Family Foundation.
  • Support amendments to the budget and other legislation that forbids taxpayer funding of the destruction of human embryos for research, and taxpayer funding of abortion.
  • Support legislation, HB 2579 (Ultrasound) and HB 2634 (Fetal Pain), that adds updated technology and information to the Commonwealth's Informed Consent law.
  • Support legislation, SB 1270, that improves the safety standards at abortion centers in Virginia. This bill is very likely to be debated in the Senate Education and Health committee on Thursday morning in front of dozen abortion activists.
  • Support legislation, SB 801, that creates "Choose Life" license plates with proceeds going to pregnancy resource centers in Virginia. This bill is scheduled for debate in the Senate Transportation committee Thursday morning.

If you don't know who your representatives are, or how to reach them, click here.

No matter how well you know your delegate and senator, don't think your voice doesn't matter. Even if both are 100% pro-life, write and thank them for their continued support. You don't know the pressure they receive here, and a thank you note goes a long way to fortifying them. Unlike Planned Parenthood, we don't use form letters to harrass legislators from activists all over the country. We just ask, you, conservative Virginians, to write from your heart and brain about what is true and just.

Legislators need to know the truth about these issues. They need to know that you, pro-life Virginians, will hold them accountable for their votes when Election Day rolls around in November!

Also on today, we are excited to have Attorney General Bob McDonnell participate for the second straight year in a live blog interview. To post a question for the AG, click here and post your question by 1:00. He will then answer the questions posted on that thread live at 2:00. 

In addition, we will have other interviews posted either today or shorty after (more later on that) with a Democrat and Republican legislator. Additionally, you can watch or listen to both the House and Senate proceedings from the Internet every day.