Help Governor Kaine Choose To Sign Choose Life Licence Plates Bill

Two weeks ago, the Choose Life license plate bill passed the General Assembly. The bill stipulates that a portion of the revenue raised by the purchase of these plates would be sent to pregnancy resource centers. You may have seen the Senate floor debate video (here) in which Senator Ken Cuccinelli (R-37, Centreville) added the Choose Life amendment, kept up with the bill through our previous e-mail alerts, or perhaps you sent an e-mail to your legislators during session encouraging them to vote for this pro-life legislation.  Now, we ask you to participate in the next step of the legislative process. The hard work and determination of Senator Cuccinelli and those legislators who voted for this legislation could be for naught if Governor Tim Kaine chooses to listen to Planned Parenthood and amend the bill to remove the Choose Life plate or veto the entire bill outright. 

Please contact Governor Kaine today to urge him to sign the Choose Life license plate bill. Your urgent action is necessary! 

The Governor is now in the process of deciding what his action will be concerning the bills recently placed on his desk. Hearing from you and other concerned citizens has a profound impact on this process. Please take just a few minutes to write a letter to Governor Kaine expressing your strong support of the Choose Life plate in SB 817, the omnibus license plate bill.  Governor Kaine's contact information is below:

The Honorable Tim Kaine

P.O. Box 1475

Richmond, VA 23218

It is preferable that you write a letter since this has the greatest impact; however, if that is not possible for you, please consider a phone call, fax, or email:

» Phone:  (804) 786-2211

» Fax:  (804) 371-6351

» To e-mail, click here

While is it our hope that Governor Kaine does sign this Choose Life plate into law, The Family Foundation is prepared to mount an overwhelming grassroots advocacy campaign to put pressure on swing legislators and gather enough votes to override a gubernatorial veto. However, your letter and advocacy can help insure that this effort is not necessary. Please do your part and send a letter to the Governor today.