This Pretty Much Sums Up The New Order, As Of Today

Cartoonist and columnist (is it fair to be that talented?) William Warren of Americans for Limited Government (see Robert Romano here), was a few days early with this one, as it was published Friday. But prescient as ever given President Barack Obama's unprecedented takeover of General Motors and forcing out its CEO, native Richmonder Rick Wagoner (see Business Week). (That's change, all right, though a little short on hope.) As Rush said, it's no longer General Motors. It's Government Motors. What company or industry will the feds takeover next and what will shots will it call? By the way, why didn't the president fire the UAW union boss Ron Gettelfinger (see Detroit Free Press)? But really, shouldn't the president try running just the government? Isn't running industry, too, a bit much? Seriously, growing up, did you ever think you'd see the day? Did you ever even contemplate it because it was so ludicrous a notion?