Update: Governor Offers Amendment To Transparency Bill

As we mentioned last night, Governor Tim Kaine has offered an amendment to HB 2285, the spending transparency bill patroned by Delegate Ben Cline. But it's not just any amendment. It's an amendment in the nature of a substitute, meaning it's a whole new bill (see here). At first read, and we stress only a first, glancing read, it seems to provide for more thorough transparency. On the other hand, VITA is involved. Here's HB 2285 as passed by the House and Senate (click here). We'll study both side by side. Please do the same. As we said from the beginning, getting spending transparency into law was never going to be easy — even for a bill that got not one dissenting vote in several committee and floor votes in both chambers. It has had more ups and downs and twists and turns than the Rebel Yell roller coaster at Kings Dominion, and we're still not there yet. But we'll keep working until we do.