Virginia News Stand: March 11, 2009

Today I scooped the Communications Department by finding some articles of interest that must've scooted by him. They are included here as well as in the next few posts. All very interesting and full of intrigue — and controversy. Controversy is everywhere right now! Not only is the Jeff Frederick controversy continuing to brew, seems Democrat gubernatorial candidate Brian Moran has lost a prominent endorsement. Or did he ever have it? See? Intraparty strife isn't limited to the GOP. Then there's the article from a national news organization, linked at the end, that picked up on the state police chaplain prayer — all together now — controversy.

GOP candidates for attorney general each claim the lead (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Moran Loses an Endorsement (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog)  

More join call to oust Va. GOP chairman (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Senators join bid to oust GOP chairman (Washington Times)

Senate GOP Wants Jeff Frederick Removed (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog)  

GOP delegates endorse McGuire's House bid (Richmond Times-Dispatch

York teacher announces candidacy (The Daily Press)

Road fixes top Va.'s suggestions wish list for stimulus (Norfolk Virginian Pilot)

Senate kills GOP's D.C. vouchers bid (Washington Times)

The Genesis of a Debate (Washington Post)   

'Jesus' banned -- so chaplain resigned (OneNewsNow)