Virginia News Stand: March 13, 2009

Here we are at unlucky 13. Especially if you're a Virginia Tech fan. But the Hokies gave it a good go (see NY Times). So what if the Commonwealth continues to feel hard court inferiority to them darn 'Heels (and the 'Hoos ain't much better at bringing us wins these days, either). Not only do I have sports for you today, but an almost unprecedented mix of media: We have some breaking news concerning — what else? — the Virginia GOP chairmanship fight. 

I also want to highly recommend the Bearing Drift podcast with Senator Ken Cuccinelli. Even if you don't listen to it, the editor has pulled some quotes you can read on your screen.

Additionally, I recommend the Politico article on the House Minority Whip, Virginia's own, U.S. Representative Eric Cantor. Seems the liberals find him a threat so they're going after him already. What happened to Barack Obama's era of "Post Partisanship"?

Finally, do check out the YouTube video and watch liberal hypocricy (on many levels) in living color, as well as a hysterical editorial comic from William Warren. Have a great weekend and I hope your team wins.

Breaking News:

GOP Congressmen Ask For Frederick's Resignation (Washington Post Virginia Politics blog) 

Virginia News: 

Ten charges form basis for GOP chairman ouster vote (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Frederick Supporters Go After McDonnell, Mike Thomas (Washington Post Virginia Politics blog) 

Frederick Call For Job Security -- His Own (Washington Post Virginia Politics blog) 

Cuccinelli Speaks About Frederick Saga (Washington Post Virginia Politics blog) 

McDonnell, Bolling Not United On Frederick Front (Washington Post Virginia Politics blog) 

State GOP chief criticized over finances (Washington Times)

Virgil Goode Plans Possible Comeback (Washington Post Virginia Politics blog) 

Virginia ranks 15th in study of well-being of Americans (Richmond Times-Dispatch)


VPOD #53: State Sen. Ken Cuccinelli (

National News:

Democrats new villain: Eric Cantor (The Politico)

Steele Hammered by Republicans for 'Choice' Slip (


Rep. Charlie Rangel swears at Jason Mattera over scandal questions (Citizen journalist confronts Mr. Rangel. Language warning) (

Editorial Comic:

"Nothing But Hype" (William Warren,