Virginia News Stand: March 19, 2009

Today's News Stand has only one article, but it's quite a blockbuster. It's about an organization that pulled off a sting operation on Planned Parenthood in Arizona. We also have a News Stand first: Video embedded into the post. It's the accompanying video with the PP sting article, but we want to make it easily accessible. We also have links to a number of hysterical editorial comics — they all are highly recommended. Besides, who doesn't need a laugh or two these days? But as with all good humor, it means their is solid truth behind it, a truth about the current direction of our country, a direction that needs to be severely examined and heavily scrutinized.

National News:

Pro-lifers' sting tags more abortion clinics (


Phoenix: Planned Parenthood Caught Hiding Stat. Rape of 15-Year-Old (

Editorial Comics:

"Finger Pointing" (Gary Varvel, Indianapolis Star)

"Embryonic Stem Cell Research" (Gary Varvel, Indianapolis Star)

"All Incompetent Pigs Ought To Be Fired" (Michael Ramirez,

"Obama A Socialist?" (Gary McCoy,