Virginia News Stand: March 3, 2009

The first News Stand of March yields a plethora of articles on a number of subjects. One article of personal interest: The Washington Post's piece about bloggers not being able to fill the gap left by the shrinking press corps. Who says?! On a more serious note, the Post also reports on more bad news for the pro-abortion crowd — scientists have created another way to enable adult stem cells to emulate embryonic stem cells. It also reports on the Obama administration revoking the conscience clause for medical personnel of faith. This, most assuredly, is horrible, but expected, news. Lots of reading . . . time to delve into it!

Divisive Issues No Longer McDonnell's First Words: Va. GOP Nominee for Governor Goes Centrist (Washington Post

Deeds, Moran Take Different Routes in Va. Race (Washington Post

General Assembly adjourns; Kaine says stimulus saved 7,100 state jobs (Richmond Times-Dispatch

Va.'s $77B budget spared major cuts, Assembly adjourns (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot

Lawmakers Approve Revisions to 2-Year Budget (Washington Post

Legislators Split On Budget (Harrisonburg Daily News-Record

Local lawmakers say session was productive (Winchester Star)

Bloggers Can't Fill the Gap Left by Shrinking Press Corps (Washington Post

Goodlatte Endorses Brownlee (Washington Post Voices blog)

Researchers Find Safer Way to Produce Stem Cell Alternative (Washington Post

Health Workers' 'Conscience' Rule Set to Be Voided (Washington Post)