Adult Stem Cells Win And The Debate Is Dead: Dr. Oz Says So!

Perhaps an unfortunate choice of words, but that's what he said. Now, excuse me if this video is a couple weeks old but, believe it or not, I'm not exactly an Oprah viewer, nor had I ever heard of Dr. Mehmet Oz until someone sent me a link of this Oprah clip. Regardless, I can say of him that he puts objectivity and honesty first. Would that extreme abortion-at-all-cost types were that honest, the same people who say, "science, not politics." Okay, then, live up to your credo. The science is in (actually, it has been for some time): 70-plus cures via adult stem cell research (and two methods for adult stem cell conversion to emulate embryonic stem cells), and zero cures from embryonic stem cell research. If one is a success and the other isn't, if there's a way for one to be created without the destruction of embryos, then what, other than politics, can be the reason for the persistence of embryo destruction? Other than the liberal sacrament of abortion, that is? Because once life is affirmed at the embryonic level, it must be affirmed at the next step in the birth development process, that's why and the hard left can't have that. Now, if a FOO (Friend of Oprah) says it, and she's TV's Queen of Liberalism, shouldn't liberals finally admit it so we can move on? Shamefully, in the face of all this evidence, the Obama administration decided against life by authorizing the destruction of embryos, not for science, but for crass politics — to appease his hard left supporters.

Here are three ways to see the (offending to liberals) video, in order of which provides the most of the interview. The second and third versions offer commentary as well:

Oprah's site won't let us share, so click here to see the meat of the segment uncut.

Here's the video from podcasters Life Report:

Here's a video report from CitizenLink: