Are You Ready To Rally?

The time is here. Our moment has arrived. It's the morning of what historians and political scientists may look back on years hence as the beginning of a new grassroots political movement that created real change. Better stated, the beginning of the restoration of the Founders' vision, of the Constitution's real meaning and purpose. Are you ready to rally? Baseball season has started and the analogy is appropriate. This nation needs to make a comeback. There are 19 Tax Day Tea Parties today (click here for a Virginia list) and certainly there is one within an hour's drive from where you live, and there are a variety of start times. Will the weather deter you? Will you stay home? Do you want to network with likeminded citizens to start a new movement?

The country and the politicians need to hear your voice and see you in action. Don't think they will not take notice of turnout. They need to get the message that enough is enough — enough taxing, enough spending, enough borrowing and enough printing of money.

Will you send that message? Are you ready to rally?