Bolling: It's About Leading The State

Today, at his third annual bloggers conference, Lt. Governor Bill Bolling declared in no uncertain terms the theme in this fall's statewide elections:

"It's not about Bob McDonnell, it's not about Bill Bolling, it's not about Jeff Frederick or our attorney general candidates. It's about leading the state."

He followed that with the equally declarative:

"If we (Republicans) lose, to be honest, it'll be another decade before a Republican wins another statewide race. We will be blue. It'll be hard to argue against that. ...

"If we can't unite and get excited about this campaign we'll be a minority party for a long time."

He said that while it is understandable some Republicans and conservative activists may find recent elections discouraging, it is no reason to disengage given the stakes this fall. He drew stark marks of distinction between his ticket's opponents, who favor such extreme issues as card check but oppose the exploration of energy off of Virginia's shores, and who are beholden to big labor union bosses who announced this week they are pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into negative ads against Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Bob McDonnell — effective immediately. 

More tomorrow.