Fred Thompson Endorses Cuccinelli

Today, former United States Senator, and former presidential candidate, Fred Thompson, endorsed Virginia Senator Ken Cuccinelli (R-37, Fairfax) for the Republican nomination for attorney general. Previously, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckaby, who also ran for president in 2008, endorsed Cuccinelli. Interestingly, it was the Tennessean, Thompson, who harshly went after Huckabee when the latter first gained traction as an upper tier candidate early in the 2008 Republican presidential primary season. An excerpt from Thompson's statement:

 " candidate stands out as the person dedicated to the First Principles on which our nation was founded. That candidate, Ken Cuccinelli, is the best choice for all citizens of Virginia to serve as the chief legal authority for the coming four years.

"At a time in our nation when fundamental, Constitutional rights and protections are often ignored and twisted theories are contrived to circumvent the clear mandates of our founding documents, Virginia needs an Attorney General grounded in his faith and adherence to the core principles.  Ken Cuccinelli is the person best suited to accomplish this for Virginia.

"We at FredPAC strongly endorse Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General and urge all Virginians, regardless of Party or political persuasion, who value individual liberty and constitutional government to support his campaign."

Former U.S. Attorney for Virginia's Western District John Brownlee and former Arlington School Board member Dave Foster also are seeking the Republican 2009 nomination for attorney general. Last week, former Virginia Attorney General Jerry Kilgore endorsed Brownlee, while former Bush Administration Solicitor General Ted Olson has endorsed Foster.