McAuliffe's Response

It was quite interesting to hear Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe basically tell the far left, homosexual lobby to get over the Marriage Amendment in his answer to a question in Saturday's Democrat debate. Ironically, his tone is reminiscent of what conservatives find irritatingly familiar from many quarters —that no one cares about social issues, they drive away voters and let's unite around fiscal issues (never mind many of these people advocate higher taxes and spending anyway). He basically said that it takes three years to get a constitutional amendment on the ballot and passed — which is what is needed to repeal the Marriage Amendment. A governor has four years to make a difference, so why take up three years (75 percent) of your one term trying to fight something Virginians passed overwhelmingly two-and-a-half-years ago? Instead, let's worry about jobs.

Finally! A Democrat tells the liberal base to cool it on the social issues in favor of "kitchen table" issues, because you're driving away voters. Conservatives, on the other hand, don't find that call rare at all. But T-Mac ain't dumb. He realizes the difference — which is, of course, that it is electorally proven that social conservatism wins.