Now, It's Jody Wagner's Turn

Yesterday we provided video and commentary of the three Democrat gubernatorial candidates' views on same-sex marriage and on issues dear to the homosexual lobby. Now, we hear from the front-runner for the Democrat nomination for lieutenant governor, Jody Wagner, who sounds as if she's in complete lock-step with the Equality Virginia agenda. Among other things, she told the homosexual-oriented Michael-In-Norfolk blog (read the whole report here) that she:

. . . supports adding "sexual orientation" to the Virginia Fair Housing Law covering all rental and sales transactions. Moreover, she reminded me that she served on the Virginia Housing Development Authority when the VHDA Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to remove the so-called "family rule" that required those borrowing money from the agency to purchase a home to be related by blood, marriage or adoption. The Family Foundation and extreme Christianist groups went beserk over the vote, but the policy change was upheld.

Oh, cool. A gratuitous slap at us! Looks like we've made it, after all. By the way, "Christianist"? Who's using the pejoratives, who's stereotyping, who's staking the claim to righteousness? Not only did this blog take a slap at us Sunday, it attacked Family Foundation President Victoria Cobb.