Virginia News Stand: April 24, 2009

Yesterday we were late, today we're early. Here's your News Stand, where we findthe Democrat candidates for governor tripping all over themselves trying to outbid each other on education spending. They all want to spend more. Of course. Teachers salaries, pre-K, it's all there. Recession? What revenue shortfall? Meanwhile, on the broader political front, the Dems and GOP continue to fight over the extra unemployment insurance doled out in the "stimulus" package. Dems say take it, GOP says it's an unfunded mandate we'll get stuck with after two years, killing job creation. 

Finally, please read Julia Duin's column in the Washington Times about the medical professionals' conscience protections, about to be stripped away by the Obama administration. 


Va. jobless benefits deal unlikely, House Republicans say (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

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National News:

Pro-life doctors face 'consequences' (Washington Times)