McDonnell, Part 3

Under the last two administrations, college education costs have skyrocketed. As you governor I will put the Commonwealth on track to award 100,000 new degrees and have them focused on science, math, engineering, nursing and health care to make us competitive. I will make Virginia the most educated state in the country.

Will preserve 400,000 acres for hunting and fishing. It helps the economy because employers like to locate where employees like to live.

Promises more transparency because the more citizens can see, the less government spends. Will begin a review of all state agencies and will start with VDOT.

Will mkae 460 a moden highway and widen 66 inside the Beltway and get started on high speed rail. Will use market-based solutions and budget prioritization.

Elections are always about choices. Regardless of who the Democrats choose, there will be a clear choice on November 3rd. We will be the party that embraces reform.

Opponents will say no to clean coal, offshore drilling and nuclear. They'll just say no and we'll just say yes!

(Crowd echoes!)

On card check opponents will just say no to jobs, but we'll just say yes!

(Crowd echoes!)

Opponents will just say no to education reform. We'l ljust say yes!

(Crowd echoes!)

Opponents will say no to government accountability. We'll just say yes!

(Crowd echoes!)

When it comes to change in Richmond, we'll just say yes! But as we do, we'll never lose sight of our principles.

Values matter, charcter counts! (Crowd errupts!)

As Mr. JeffeRson wrote, all men are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights and this applies to the unborn! (Biggest applause line yet!)

Promises to protect Second Amendment and private property and Founders vision of individual liberty.

My faith in God gives me faith in a brighter tomorrow.

Now it's time to come together for the common good. Must dream big. My life has taught me anything is possible in Virginia and in following the Golden Rule. Thanks to the U.S. Army, I received the discipline that has taken me farther in life than I ever imagined.

Thank you very much. God Bless you!