Moran, McAuliffe Explode At Each Other Via New TV Ads Today

Two of the three Democrat candidates for governor, Brian Moran and Terry McAuliffe, couldn't hold back, and weeks of bitterness have exploded on to television screens and the Internet. (Okay, the Moran ad only had 10 YouTube views as of a few minutes ago, so it has typically received more attention from the media than from grassroots. See Richmond Times-Dispatch, here.) But Moran came out swinging at the perceived frontrunner, McAuliffe, first on radio yesterday, and now, today, in his first television ad. Nothing like making your first shot count. Moran, who bills himself as a fighter (though it's his Congressman brother, Jim, who's actually slugged folks) didn't wait on custom, which is to make one's first ad a glossy, warm and fuzzy, biographical or issues ad. Nothing subtle about this, hitting T-Mac for his belly-up businesses.

Not to be outdone, McAuliffe fired back with an ad reminiscent of his old boss, Bill Clinton, who, when in the midst of a crippling scandal, blubberbusted something about attacks having never fed one person or paid a college tuition. McAuliffe's version says attacks don't create jobs. Sure they do — for the hack consultants who produce the ads!

Enjoy the fight!