Planned Parenthood Whines About Poll Numbers, No One's Listening

Planned Parenthood is whining about the recent Gallup poll which shows that a majority of Americans now consider themselves pro-life. It says the questions were skewed. Funny thing — Gallup, one of the most respected polling organizations in the world, doesn't think so. Funnier still, when the numbers were reversed last year, with the same questions, Planned Parenthood didn't complain. I heard PP's whine on one of those top-of-the-hour-radio newscasts. So I Googled the subject with different key words several times and I kept getting only one article that carried the story . . . an AP account from the Sacramento Bee, where Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, said, "The terms pro-choice and pro-life no longer define the parameters of the debate. ..." 

As if "pro-life" is so difficult to understand. What really bothers PP is that millions of Americans have come to understand the true meaning of the Orwellian "pro-choice" phrase (especially its desire to take away rights and options, such as with the so-called Freedom of Choice Act, to strip states of their ability to regulate abortion; and restrictions on medical professionals' ability to exercise their consciences). 

Planned Parenthood is afraid for America to affirm a culture of life over one of death, or else why would it matter to them if women choose life? Why would they care about a simple "Choose Life" license plate? Why haven't they taken up offers for their own plate? Because . . . what could it say? It could only say, "Choose Death." So let'em have at it. Americans now more than ever understand Planned Parenthood's extremist advocacy of death through partial birth abortion and infanticide.

The Gallup poll also mirrors a recent Pew Research Poll, according to the article. Perhaps these results will finally bolster the weak knees of certain sages in the Republican Party, both in Virginia and nationally.