Prayer Vigil At New $3.5 Million Richmond Abortion Center Tomorrow; That's A Lot Of Money For A "Non-Profit" That Gets State Funding

Planned Parenthood is moving to a larger abortion center in Richmond tomorrow, per Saturday's Richmond Times-Dispatch. According to the article, it will be twice the size of the current abortion center and cost $3.5 million to buy and remodel. Hmmmm. With all that money Planned Parenthood 1) shouldn't have the need for state funding, now should it? And 2), if it is so up-to-date-modern, it shouldn't object to opening its doors for inspections and have life saving equipment on site, either, right? Those are two of three measly requirements the Senate Education and Health Committee has rejected the last two sessions of the General Assembly

The soon-t0-be-vacated location was easily marked by passers-by as an abortion center by constant prayer vigils by Richmond Coalition for Life, which sponsors the highly successful 40 Days for Life program, and other pro-lifers. Tomorrow, at 9:30 a.m., Planned Parenthood will have a ribbon cutting ceremony at the new abortion center at 201 North Hamilton, in the city. But RCL will be there, too, continuing its vigils. It says in an e-mail:

"In response to this event, we would like to organize a peaceful group to pray. ... Our goal is to show our community that we are against the opening of this new facility through our peaceful  presence. In addition, we will pray for an end to abortion in our country, the moral conversion of the doctors, nurses, and supporters of this new facility, and the closing of this clinic."

Anyone promising to engage in peaceful prayer is welcome to attend. For more information, follow this 40 Days for Life Facebook link. Regardless of whether you can attend, the prayer vigils at the new location will continue — and individual prayer is always needed.