Virginia News Stand: May 28, 2009

We have an eclectic mix of news and commentary in today's News Stand, ranging from the to the conventional to the crazy. For instance, there is the typical news on Judge Sotomayor and Democrat primary politics from the Washington Post. But we also have our first international story, and it's a whopper: A marketing consultant in Australia is trying to establish "renewable marriages." In other words, get married for five years, see what it's like and decide if you want to re-up for another five. You know, kind of like a military enlistment. Stranger, and scarier, our First Amendment is under brutal assault in San Diego, where the city is telling a pastor he cannot have a Bible study in his house. We have video of that as well. But wait, it gets more frightening: The normally sane Texas legislature is considering a "hate crimes" bill tat targets children.

Closer to home, it may not be as scary as strangling the First Amendment, but no less absurd — or Orwellian: Virginia's DMV is going to eliminate smiles on drivers license photos. Okay, that might make a scary sight scarier in a certain sense, but isn't the state trying to make people uniform what Big Brother all about? It's supposedly safety related. Sure! Right! It may sound trivial, but statism succeeds by creeping over society with baby steps, usually under the guise of the state is doing this for your own good and/or protection. A people willing to give away their freedoms for security will have neither freedom or security, as the admonition goes.

Then, there's this, symbolic of the times: Mr. Jefferson's Temple To Democracy has sprung a leak, even after $106 million of our tax money in renovations. But did we need to spot the rain water to know state government is leaking? 

Finally, there is some good and serious news: A treatment conducted via adult stem cells has succeeded in curing a child of sickle cell anemia. But don't expect that to stop the advocates of the culture of death to push on, ever so irrationally.   


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