Convention Quotes Of The Day

Going through my voluminous official convention bloggers notebook (i.e., a bunch of disparate pieces of scrap paper and the back of a grassroots training guide), I came across a couple of Quotes of the Day I wanted to post. Friday QOD:

From former Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie, chairman of Bob McDonnell's gubernatorial campaign, on Friday afternoon at a VIP briefing, talking about the liberal Congress and President Obama's desire to stick Americans with suffocating higher taxes:

"You know taxes are going to go up and if you don't pay them, President Obama is going to put you in one of two places: In jail — or in his cabinet."

On a serious note, during the briefing Gillespie said internal polling is good by name (McDonnell vs. any of the three Democrats). However, polling by party shows a close race. In other words, once the Democrat nominee emerges Tuesday night, it's likely he will be able to parlay that party brand into better numbers across the electorate.

By the way, it's amazing this lil' ol' Commonwealth is home to four recent or current national party chairmen, all of whom bring that experience to Virginia politics: Republicans Jim Gilmore and Gillespie and Democrats Terry McAuliffe and Governor Tim Kaine.

As you can imagine, on Saturday, with so many good speakers and speeches, there were some great quotes. I blogged this one live, from attorney general candidate Dave Foster:

Saturday's QOD:

"Growing up my parents told me anyone can grow up to become president of the United States. Last year, we proved that."

However, the blogger that I am, Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Pat Mullins stole my heart with this, as I blogged live:

"I'd rather read conservative bloggers than the Washington Post!" 

Twice he mentioned Bloggers Row in his speech — the second time in recent months I've been in a recognized bloggers bunch. The first was while in the Senate gallery during Veto Session as part of Lt. Governor Bill Bolling'sAnnual Bloggers Day at the Capitol. Lt. Governor Bolling asked Senator — and now GOP attorney general nominee —Ken Cuccinelli (R-37, Fairfax) to make the morning hour introduction of us. (At the time I whispered to my colleagues if the LG was sending a signal as to his AG preference.) But whether you're in a high-tech convention setting or a stately capitol, it's always nice to take a bow.