Newsweek Endorses Adult Stem Cells Only?

That's the way it sounds. The lefty news mag has gone off the liberal reservation this week with its cover story blasting liberal TV queen Oprah Winfrey for the guests she puts on her show that spout off about medicine, health and fitness, usually without an opposing view, no matter how "crazy" (Newsweek's word) the advice given by said guests. However, there's always a however, and we're pleased to report that Newsweek did make an exception:

"Two of her longest-serving resident experts, Dr. Mehmet Oz and trainer Bob Greene, routinely offer sound, high-quality advice to Oprah and her audience on how to lose weight and improve overall health. ..." 

Remember Dr. Oz? He's the one who shocked Oprah and Michael J. Fox (see here!) with the good news that Parkinson's Disease, from which Fox suffers, will be cured in 10 years or less — but with adult stem cells, not embryonic stem cells. Fox has so adamantly campaigned for embryonic stem cell research and public funding — as the only way to cure a myriad of perplexing diseases and ailments — in Congress, in various states and for candidates who support such funding. His and Oprah's reactions that day to Dr. Oz's presentation were priceless.

It's nice to know, however unwittingly, that Newsweek has jumped on the pro-life bandwagon. Of course, while probably it would go to great lengths to protest otherwise, it can't offer Dr. Oz its stamp of approval, then say he's lost the plot on perhaps the seminal medical science issue of the day.