Open Questions To Senator Deeds

On the day after his blowout Democrat primary victory, Senator Creigh Deeds (D-25, Bath) said one of the differences between himself and Republican opponent, former Attorney General Bob McDonnell, is embryonic stem cell research: Deeds is for it, McDonnell is against it. Fair enough, senator. If you are for it, we invite you to reply, here, to this question:

If embryonic stem cell research is worthy of state funding, or any funding, it should produce results: Can you name just one successful medical/scientific breakthrough from embryonic stem cell research?

Furthermore, can you give a ballpark number on the actual, successful number of such breakthroughs from adult stem cell research?

Can you name two of the biggest, most prominent diseases that have perplexed scientists that now have been broken through because of adult stem cell research?

Finally, if you are going to "invest" our hard-earned tax money into something, shouldn't it be proven to work? And if it has proven not to work, how does that make you a good steward of our Commonwealth?

(Answers here.)