Parents . . . Dismissed!

One of my co-workers happened to catch a sign on the side of a Greater Richmond Richmond Company bus this week and its message certainly caught his attention.  We have been saying for years that the last people many in the taxpayer funded government school system want involved with education is parents. That sentiment is often dismissed outright and scoffed at, particularly by those opposed to parental choice in education (see hypocrisy). But here we have what seems to be a pretty clear message to parents about what role the Richmond City Publlic Schools want them to play:


Yup, that's it. Give your kid a kiss in the morning and the educrats will "take it from here."

Never mind the hilarity of Richmond City Public Schools and "world-class education" in the same advertisement or the "Choice for Parents" line, focus on the audacity behind "we'll take if from here." At least now it appears that the education establishment is no longer pretending to be worried about the pretense of parental involvement. Oh, I know, they have the throw away line in the ad, "Let's work together." But the message in really big letters at the top is pretty clear:

"Parents, thanks for dropping by, but don't let the door hit you on the way out."

Now, just who is funding this neat little campaign? My guess: hard-working parents.