Press Conference, Taking Questions Now

By the way, media present include the Associated Press, Norfolk Virginian-Pilot and WVIR/NBC29 from Charlottesville. I know Governor Kaine announced an energy saving initiative, but does that mean the AC has to be off in the GAB? We're all sweating puddles in here!

Delegate Janis asked if news conference is because the governor hasn't asked responded to your approach. He says, no, that he's trying to take this out of the political realm. Governor has shown good leadership, but we have several experts, such as Brad Wilcox, who are willing to offer their help and not make it a political issue. We need to fireproof families during these hard times. Why wait until January? We can start now.

Victoria adds that the task force had no such experts on it panel.

Delegate Janis adds that, "We are rearranging the deck chairs of the Titanic if we don't address" marriage.

Question: Explain the TANF funding:

Delegate Janis: We have a surplus of our allotted federal TANF funds, about $16 million. It's not all for welfare to work. It's supposed to be used for marriage promotion, too. Oklahoma uses its money to this effect successfully and can be a model for us in Virginia. This money should be distributed by non-profits like the Man Up Initiative, not government.

If we told you there was existing federal money that could be used to decrease poverty by 20 percent immediately, and found out it was not being used, you'd asked why not. That's exactly what is happening. The facts are in, this will work.